at the Godzilla statue in Tokyo, spring 2006

Tachyon’s Page

Hello, everyone and welcome to my personal Web site. This site is meant to be an introduction to those people with whom I talk online. To the right you can see a 2006 photo of me and underneath that my wife and boys in 2007.

Some Facts

GEARS Online  -  My Web site for giant robots.
Travel - I’ve been to 28 countries and travel overseas whenever I can.
Reading - Science-fiction, mythology, history and East Asian topics.
Roleplaying - I’m a big fan of Mage by White Wolf Game Studio, Dungeons & Dragons (and its clones) and Mekton Z by R. Talsorian .

my little family

Abebooks – Now this is where you go to buy books.
Bud Uglly Design – The best Web design firm I’ve encountered.
Jihad Watch – The global jihad shouldn’t be ignored.
UT Library – A good place to look for maps.
Digitally Imported – Why waste your time listening to Top 40 when you can listen to this? – A great source of information on astronomy. I like their news page.

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