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My fan fic

Post by Altron » Sat Jan 03, 2004 3:33 am

Well, I have a fan fiction I would like to share, but the only problem is, i only have one chapter done!

Should I post it read responses + criticism, or should I just hog it and keep it to myself? *thinks*


Fan Fiction

Post by Altron » Sat Jan 03, 2004 3:37 am

I've thought long and hard about It, and I've decided to POST (gasp) my first chapter, so without further ado, i give you...
Gundam Revolution
Chapter 1

The bridge was silent, and all eyes were on the main screen, looking for any signs of movement inside of the newly destroyed space freighter. The only sounds that could be heard were the monotonous hum on their main engines and the clicking of the Nav Computer’s terminal.

‘Jenkins, send out the Dolls to perform a routine sweep. There should be no survivors after this, but you know these Neo-White Fang pilots find a way to---‘

‘Sir! Motion detection has just picked up several radar spikes,’ Jenkins interjected, ‘they’re moving this way!!’

‘Well don’t just sit there boys, deploy those Mobile Dolls! Our particle cannon just fired, you know we’re sitting ducks without them, they need more time to recharge!’

‘I’m on it Sir,’ was echoed by four of the bridge’s members, all of which were responsible for the deployment and battle status of the Mobile Dolls.


‘C’mon boys, Leo Units 2 and 4 move to flank that cruiser’s left. Units 1 and 3 follow me, 5 stay in the cover of the debris. They might think that we’ve been destroyed with our ship, but let’s prove’em otherwise,’ instructed Leon, the 17th Leo Unit’s Sergeant of Neo-White Fang.

‘But sir,’ replied a static voice over the radio frequency, ‘They’ve probably picked up our movements, and are going to deploy their own suits. We should take cover or something...’

‘JD, if it’ll make ya sleep better tonight, then fine, all Leo Units, stay in position and wait for my signal.’

‘Sir!’ was a unanimous reply throughout the Neo-White Fang headsets.

tell me how ya like it so far, and stay tuned for the next episode of GUNDAM REVOLUTION!!!

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