Duties and Rules Regarding Reviews Desk at Gears Online

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Duties and Rules Regarding Reviews Desk at Gears Online

Post by Tachyon » Sat Aug 28, 2004 3:31 pm

Reviews Desk Duties:
:arrow: Write reviews of anime, manga, novels, games and art books involving Japanese science-fiction that are informative and free of spelling and grammatical errors.
:arrow: Accept reviews from site visitors and decide whether or not they should be edited and posted in the Reviews section of the site.
:arrow: Send messages to those who have submitted reviews telling them whether or not their submission was accepted.
:arrow: Make certain the Reviews section does not contain any offensive or insulting material.

Rules Regardings Reviews Desk:
:arrow: Reviews Desk will be considered volunteer staff of Gears Online and will be listed on the Contact Us page.
:arrow: The Site Administrator can ask the Reviews Desk to resign at any time for any reason.
:arrow: The Reviews Desk may recommend people for positions in the Reviews Dept. if (s)he feels the work load is too great for one person. Additional volunteer staff for the Reviews Dept. are subject to the approval of the Site Administrator.
:arrow: The Reviews Desk must give credit to those who submit reviews if those reviews are posted on the site. Those who submit reviews may choose whether or not they want their Email address displayed.
:arrow: Messages must be sent to those who submit reviews telling them whether or not their review was accepted. If a review is refused the reason(s) must be stated. "Messages" can include Email, private message on the message board or chat message.
:arrow: The Reviews Desk should not be rude, condescending or arrogant toward site visitors.
:arrow: Reviews Dept. staff must do their best to keep their cool even when site visitors are rude or insulting.

Acceptable Reasons For Refusing Submitted Reviews:
:arrow: Too many spelling or grammatical errors.
:arrow: Offensive or insulting language.
:arrow: Too much incorrect information.
:arrow: Too difficult to understand.

General Guidelines for the Reviews Dept.:
:arrow: The Reviews section should include reviews by many people and be a place where site visitors feel their views are respected.
:arrow: The Reviews Dept. staff should feel free to express their own opinions as long as they are not offensive or insulting to site visitors. The Site Administrator has the final word on what is offensive or insulting if disagreements arise.

Other Notes:
:arrow: Opinions expressed in reviews do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Gears Online or its staff members.
:arrow: The Reviews Desk is encouraged to be active on the message board but this is not a strict requirement.
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