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Post by Newton » Mon Jan 17, 2005 6:46 pm


I just got back from seeing APPPLESEED Friday night. Despite an uneven beginning, the movie is a real work of art. Go see this flick when you can, because it's a treat to watch on the big screen!

APPLESEED is the second animated version of the story. The first version, which came out circa 1987, was a very quick handshake to the story. This new version is a more detailed telling of the tale. For those of you who have read the manga and/or seen the video, I won't waste your time with a rehash. I also do not want to risk any spoilers, so I'll just get to my reaction to the artwork.

In a word, GORGEOUS. The cel-shaded 3D character work is kind of jarring for the first third of the movie, primarily because of the too-dark background modeling. Basically, cel-shading on people doesn't really lend itself to low-light scenes. That said, the mecha are a treat regardless of the light level.

Oh, did I mention the mecha?^__^ My love and respect for the Automatic Rotary Cannon is rewarded from the beginning of this movie. The opening sequence features this fearsome weapon doing its stuff like I've never seen it before. Oh, and then the first LandMates start showing up... hot DAMN!

After the first third of the film, the action shifts to full daylight, which only enhances the look. We are treated to some beautifully-renedered sequences of Olympus City, with its megastructures Tartarus and Daedalus. I still can't get over Shirow's hyper-detailed cityscapes in 3D. This alone is worth the price of admssion, but there's more to come.

Not long afterward, we get our first taste of bioroid crime, along with seeing Briareos in action. How to put it? Clocks are cleaned, and cyborgs go down, all with style and grace. This sequence also shows the perils of monomolecular filament...

The big money, though, is the unveiling of the LandMates. Shinji Aramaki, an Artmic alumnus, directed this film, and God, does it show when the LandMates come on the scene! He has realized them with a feeling of mass and grace that I didn't even see in Shirow's original work. Now I know what all those little projections do on the 'Mates. You get to see these machines put through all their paces, and it's something to behold, believe you me.

Deunan is fitted with her test-model LandMate, and is forced to take it into combat. From this sequence, I now know how to start up a LandMate, drive it and kick serious bootay! This and all the mech-brawls in APPLESEED left me beyond satisfied. They make the movie, with sequences I can see now if I just close my eyes and remember.

Mr. Aramaki also uses APPLESEED to make a few nods to his ARTMIC years: Look for a number of really-cool nods to BUBBLEGUM CRISIS during the film. Fans of BGC will KNOW the sequences when they come up, you can be sure. Suffice to say that Aramaki's work with Masami Oobari has paid off in spades.^_^

I don't now what else to say right now except that you'll want to do three things:

1. Go see this in the theater. It's worth the price of admission!

2. Buy this on DVD. It's a KEEPER.

3. Score the soundtrack! The Boom Boom Satellites make great music!

Your assignment, if you choose to accept it: Go see APPLESEED!


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Post by Rubel Colus » Sun Jan 23, 2005 4:02 am

Newton wrote:Your assignment, if you choose to accept it: Go see APPLESEED!

Mission accomplished. 8)

My thoughts: the 3D characters are, errm, too 'stiff' most of the time to look realistic. Some movements are nice, but just 'some'. :?

The mecha are truely AWESOME. :twisted:
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