April, May, June 2016 Newtype scans

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April, May, June 2016 Newtype scans

Post by levrin » Sun Jun 05, 2016 5:08 am

https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwOFD ... 3FvclB3bE0
Morale is high as troops return to combat, but both Narumi and Sopp realize that they're gradually going to run out of both human and mechanical resources. Sopp suggests they put the division's activities on public display without going through military channels first, gambling that the populace will be inspired by their determination even though this mean exposing how badly off they are to the enemy. High command is not happy about this at all, but jurisdiction in this case falls to the member nation so they can't stop her and it may actually work.

Depre's people have meanwhile joined up with Lound, who welcomes them to the team. Tisphone is trying to calculate how Trukk division managed to get so many machines working so quickly, and nearly falls over when she realizes who must be helping them.

Meanwhile, Sopp cheers up Narumi, mourning her fallen comrades and a messenger from Dr. Ballanche arrives.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwOFD ... U83cFFVSDQ
LDI Zwanzig arrives at Trukk with a note from Meeth searching for a certain AP Knight who retired after losing his fatima. Zwanzig introduces herself as a free knight and takes and interest in the division and Sopp, which makes Lachesis jealous. Sopp convinces Narumi to hire her on, though she initially asks for an unreasonably high pay rate. She introduces her fatima Ohine with the false name Eniho, but Sopp and Lachesis recognize her regardless and wonder if Zwanzig is connected to Kubalkans.

Seeing Lachesis's happiness from just being with him, Sopp reminisces on the advice he got from Cha to just take Lachesis out somewhere. Even in flashback, Cha is accidentally hitting Hugtlang's masochism by making her wear the less combat-ready of her fatima suits.

On the battlefield, Zwanzig blitzes through the enemy, rapidly disorienting them and setting them up to be taken down by the AP Knights following, while a hooded figure watches the battle from the distance and recognizes her fighting style.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwOFD ... UpMVnB0Xzg
The after-battle damage report indicates they did remarkably well, and after presiding over a promotion ceremony Narumi talks with Sopp about the increase in supplies and volunteers they've been getting. Back in the hanger, Zwanzig notes that Sopp's name has come up in more historical battles than he looks old enough to have participated in and tries digging for information, but is interrupted by Lachesis. Zwanzig bribes her with boba tea.

In Bachtgma, Gide is complaining that all the other countries are getting to fight and show off while they're stuck on standby. Decors discusses his own troops' impatience and the general military situation with Bosjasfort, who is still regenerating his left arm, and they both agree it's best to continue letting their allies do most of the fighting for the time being.

When Decors passes Ninaris in the hall, he inquires about the performance of Gide's GTM (he took Schpeltor after Kaien died) and Ninaris fearfully admits she's detuned it significantly to bring it down to a level Gide can use. To her surprise, Decors agrees that this is an appropriate and functionally correct course of action. Back in his quarters, Decors gives Est a present, claiming that Meeth scolded him for neglect and rationalizing his actions as a form of equipment maintenance.

Back with Trukk, Zwanzig and Lachesis are at a recovering local market when two suspicious figures in school uniforms show up.

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