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Post by gato2006chile » Fri Aug 24, 2007 2:03 am

Tachyon wrote:So what happened? How did the Solnoids drift so far from things that we consider as basic and natural as breathing? So many details of the Gall Force universe weren't dealt with in the anime. The history of the conflict, Solnoid origins, etc. Gall Force is just begging for good fan fiction to fill in the gaps. In my opinion, a story could pick up where Stardust War left off. Is it necessary to assume that everyone died in the final conflict? Battles rarely kill everyone on both sides (especially considering how far apart ships can be in space). Plus, you could say that groups of Solnoid and Paranoid weren't able to make it to the final battle.
Perhaps the capsule with the solenoid knowledge instead go to the present of the solenoid go to the past of the 9th star system(Earth?) and then by acctions of a radical femenist group al males die or mutated to the paranoid, or the actions of the sequels to the original trilogy lead to the begin of the war by the destrucction of earth by the paranoid(Gorn), and earth being rebuild by the ¿distanct solenoid? to show a green world in GF-ET


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gato2006chile wrote:
Quanto wrote:As far as the Paranoids are concerned, I seriously see them as far more sane and well composed than the Solnoids were. If anything, i bet the Paranoids would have simply tried to avoid further conflict and escape to another corner of the Galaxy. Leaving the Loyalists and the "Nebularts" to sort out their differences.

Gah! New ideas! I'm gonna write this sh**! :twisted:
Perhaps its the origin of Gall Force Revolution? The Solenoid Civil War
Probably where the idea came from, but the Revolution is more of a half-assed remake than a proper addition to the series. That and the reappearance of the girls from Eternal Story makes no sense if it were an actual continuation from Stardust War.

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Re: Thoughts on Gall Force

Post by mahesh150 » Wed May 03, 2017 7:24 am

That will never happen, and in the event that it did it would be a wreck. An instance of an excessive number of gourmet experts ruining the stew. I mean take a gander at Urusei Yatsura motion picture 4: Lum The Forever, while still an entirely decent film, on the grounds that Yamazaki was attempting to pander to every one of the fans, it turned into a wreck that a great many people can't get it. There is something there, yet its holed up behind an excessive number of fan administration (which means every one of the things fans needed, not the all the more notable meaning of T&A).

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Re: Thoughts on Gall Force

Post by Ethan147 » Wed Jul 05, 2017 4:48 am

That will never happen, and if it did it would be a disaster area. A case of an exorbitant number of gourmet specialists demolishing the stew. I mean look at Urusei Yatsura movie 4: Lum The Forever, while still a completely tolerable film, in light of the fact that Yamazaki was endeavoring to pander to each one of the fans, it transformed into a disaster area that a large number individuals can't get it. There is something there, yet its stayed behind an over the top number of fan organization (which implies each something fans required, not the all the more prominent significance of T&A).

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