VR-052T Mospeada

VR-052T Mospeada

For the purpose of conducting the first drop operation, Mars Base felt that firepower, armor, mobility and the ability to penetrate enemy territory were absolutely imperative to even the odds with the Inbit after landing on Earth to compensate for the low number of soldiers. The Ride-Armor system satisfies these requirements and is the most effective and compact weapon system developed. The Ride-Armor System consists of two parts: a soldier wearing a bulletproof and crashproof Riding Suit and a motorcycle called an armor-bike. A soldier using this equipment can quickly penetrate enemy territory. When he encounters the enemy, he can quickly transform the armor-bike into the ride-armor form. In this configuration, he can attack the enemy using the feedback-controlled enhanced strength of the ride-armor and heavier firepower. Jets greatly increase the mobility of the ride-armor form. These jets allow the suit to hover along the ground and make jet-assisted leaps.

Three armor-bikes were produced. The Mospeada is the standard model and was produced in larger numbers than the other two. The Mospeada has two variants. The F model, used by Stick, has a missile launcher installed on each forearm. The T model, used by Rei, has a laser cannon. The Mospeada is the most popular mecha design in Genesis Climber Mospeada. Even during the show’s production it was so popular with the staff and seen as such an important part of the story that the show was named after it. It appears that the name "Mospeada" came from the design’s original name: Moto Speeder.

VR-052T Mospeada
Total Length:
205 centimeters
Dry Weight:
Maximum Speed:
All-terrain all-weather punctureless tire
Driving Distance:
about 380km (1 tube of type 3 HBT)
Total Height:
about 2.05 meters
Maximum Jump Height:
about 100 meters
Maximum Speed:
80km per hour
Maximum Thrust: 250kg x2
Drive Motor:
Continuous Operating Time:
About 30 minutes
HBT Ceramic Turbine Engine 98HP / 16,000 rpm
anti-armor 40mm beam gun x1
Other Names:
Cyclone (Robotech)

Armor-Bike Mode

Ride-Armor Mode

Mospeada Remake

In 2008 Aramaki Shinji created new illustrations to "re-imagine" the Mospeada.

Prototype Mospeada