GEARS Online is a fan site for the science-fiction mechanical designs of Japanese animation, manga, video games and plastic models. There are many similar sites already online but here at GEARS we feel there’s still a lot to offer. Gundam and Macross get excellent coverage online but what about the other mecha series? The GEARS staff will work hard to bring you images and information that you aren’t likely to find elsewhere. So take a look around and enjoy yourself.

In the days ahead it’s my hope that this will grow into a community site. A place where gearheads get together and talk about their mutual interests. Truth be told, I made this site to meet all of you. There’s plenty of anime fans out there but how many of them can appreciate the sleek lines of a 50 foot tall battle machine? If you can, stay tuned. If there’s something missing that you’d like to see, let us know.

-- Tachyon, webmaster and fellow gearhead