Katina Harask

Katina Harask

Katina Harask is a hot-blooded, quick-to-act girl. She is often a headache for commanders she has to serve under. She’s always ready to jump into combat, even if the odds are against her. This usually results in a sticky situation for people around her, as they get pulled into these bad odds as well.

She can also be problematic to those around her, as she always gets on their cases if they do or say something with which she does not agree. For instance, she threatened to give her Gespenst a custom paintjob from the blood of one of her crewmates.

Her eyes have different colors (red and green), but no explanation is given for that in the story. Katina pilots a custom Gespent, painted red (appeared as salmon in OG1, however). Katina appeared in Original Generation 1, Original Generation 2 and Original Generations for the PS2.

Katina is a fan-created character. Evidently Banpresto held a contest for character designs, and the person who submitted Katina won.