Lynn Mao

Lynn Mao

She’s the CEO of Mao Industries, a company that produces Personal Troopers (PTs). She was a former pilot herself, part of Project PTX. She worked alongside Irm, with whom she has a relationship (however that is on the rocks for the time being). Her company has a rilvalry with Isurugi Industries and Mistsuko Isurugi herself attempts to force Lynn to sell out to her. She does little during Earth’s entanglement with the Balmarian Aerogater fleet. However, she is forced into action when the Inspectors arrive and raid the Moon Cradle and Mao Industries.

She is a talented pilot with her company’s most well-known product, the Huckebein, and her and Irm manage to work well together when the time comes to take the Moon Cradle back from the Inspectors.

In the SRW continuity, there are technically two different versions of Lynn, the one from above, and a younger one. The younger Lynn from SRW 4 and SRW F/Final is still part of Project PTX, but is much less formal and is not a CEO or a businesswoman of any kind (fans tend to agree she was much cuter). She piloted a Gespenst then, but she would upgrade to a Huckebein or Grungust depending on which route you took.

Lynn has appeared in SRW 4, SRW F/Final, SRW Alpha Gaiden, Original Generation 1, Original Generation 2 and Original Generations for the PS2.