AGX-04 Fuleh

AGX-04 Fuleh

When the EFF first encoutered the AGX-01 Bug, they were unaccompanied and it was unknown how they had appeared and from where. It would later become clear that they were launched from the Fuleh, which was codenamed AGX-04 Flower by the EFF forces due to its plant-like structure. The Fuleh units had remained unseen due to a special spatial navigation device that cloaks the ship in subspace. Their appearance could first be detected through a gravitational abnormality, as the ship’s gravimetric field could be measured it could be seen visually. Like all Ze Balmary units, the Fuleh was created through use of the Zyfluid crystal, and as such there was no true limit on the number of units that can exist. The Ze Balmary used these units as their primary battleships.

The EFF first detected these machines in Antarctica, when they believed themselves to be negotiating a peace treaty with the Aerogators, but this unit was in fact a replica built by the Guests, a rival alien species that had long been at war with the Ze Balmary. In fact the EFF would be signing not a peace treaty, but rather an alliance with the Guests. This act would have unknowingly plunged all of mankind into an eternal space war. Shuu Shirakawa would destroy this replica Fuleh, just as the Divine Crusaders announced war against the EFF. This act of aggression was in fact a clear statement to the universe, that Earth would remain a sovereign state that would not concede to any alien threat, regardless of size or power.

Appearances Super Robot Wars Alpha (PSX) Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 (PS2) Super Robot Taisen Original Generation (GBA), Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 2 (GBA), Super Robot Wars Original Generations (PS2), Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden (PS2), Super Robot Wars Original Generation Divine Wars (anime)

AGX-04 Fuleh
54,000 meters
Special Equipment:
Distortion Field
Meth Rachav Missile, Legion Eraser
SRW Attack List:

Meth Rachav Missile
Legion Eraser


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