AGX-08 Habakkuk (Fatman)

AGX-08 Habakkuk

With the Earth Forces exhausted from the aftermath of the Divine Wars, the Aerogator forces decided to make their move by uncloaking their mother ship Neviim and assaulting the Earth with wave after wave of new, previously unseen mobile weapons.

The Habakkuk was one of these previously unseen Aerogator weapons, specializing in long range supporting attacks. It lacked the mobility of the Zechariah, but boasts superior firepower, and the two often are seen working in tandem. Like all Aerogator weapons the Habakkuk was generated from the Zyfluid Crystal. This meant that the machine could regenerate any damage it might sustain, and that there could theoretically exist an almost unlimited number of them. Like the Zechariah, both manned and unmanned versions of this machine have been encountered.

As is the case with any alien technology, little is known about the Habakkuk or its weapons. The EFF forces gave it the code name "AGX-08 Fatman."

Appearances Super Robot Wars Alpha (PSX), Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 (PS2), Super Robot Taisen Original Generation (GBA), Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 2 (GBA), Super Robot Wars Original Generations (PS2), Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden (PS2), Super Robot Wars Original Generation Divine Wars (anime), Super Robot Wars The Animation (anime)

AGX-08 Habakkuk (Fatman)
20.3 meters
50.8 tons
Photon Vulcan, 4-Barrel Missile Launcher, Diviver Missile, Metalium Cannon (mounted in leg units when not in use, deployed over shoulder units when in use)
SRW Attack List:

Photon Vulcan
4-Barrel Missile Launcher
Divider Missile
Metalium Cannon

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