AGX-13 R-Gun Rivale

AGX-13 R-Gun Rivale

The Ze-Balmary invasion of Earth had a simple goal – to enslave and brainwash humanity, which had shown itself to be a sufficiently advanced warlike race capable of functioning as an excellent army. A Balmar mole had been placed within the hierarchy of the Earth’s army to ensure that the Balmar goal would be accomplished and to seek out particularly promising "samples" of humanity to be converted into higher level soldiers. This "mole" turned out to be none other than SRX Team Commander Ingram Prisken. When the time came for Ingram to be recalled to the Balmar fleet to initiate the final phase of their plans, the commander took with him the Earth Federation R-Series prototype R-Gun. By exposing this machine to the Zyfluid crystal, the R-Gun Rivale was created. It is unclear as to whether this new weapon was a mutated version of the R-gun itself, or if it was a new Zyfluid crystal-based machine based on data from the R-Gun.

The R-Gun Rivale represents a perfect fusion between the best of Earth’s technology, and the power of the Ze-Balmary Empire’s Zyfluid Crystal. The weapon systems of the R-Gun would be strengthened and converted to Balmas Standards, and the machine gained the ability to regenerate. The R-Gun Rivale’s primary weapon system was the Axion Buster, a high powered beam weapon based on the R-Gun’s Metal Genocider mode. This weapon was mounted in the center of the R-Gun Rivale’s chest, and did not require the machine to transform in order to utilize it. This machine was unique in that its hands were energy based. This allowed them to be converted into a pair of Rouche Blades for melee combat. Like many of the stronger Balmar weapons, the R-Gun Rivale has access to the remove weapon known as the "Gun Slave", which functioned as telepathically controlled miniature gun platforms.

Unlike the majority of Balmar weapons the ability for this machine to replicate itself is dubious, because it was based on an Earth weapon. As such only one unit is known to have existed. Unlike many of the most powerful of the Balmar weapons, the R-Gun Rivale does not have access to the Quantum Wave System as its power source.

Appearances Super Robot Taisen Original Generation (GBA), Super Robot Wars Original Generations (PS2), Super Robot Wars: Divine Wars (anime)

AGX-13 R-Gun Rivale
Alef Balshem (Ingram Priskin)
Rouche Blade, Gun Slave, Axion Buster (mounted in chest)
SRW Attack List:

Rouche Blade
Gun Slave
Axion Buster


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