AGX-05 Cybaster

AGX-05 Cybaster

At some point predating the Divine Wars conflict, the EFF forces spotted a mysterious mobile weapon capable of reaching speeds far greater than that of conventional weapons using known technology. As the machine was clearly not of Earth origin, it was initially assumed that it must have belonged to the alien "Aerogators". Given the code name "AGX-05", the Cybaster was entered into official databanks as an enemy unit.

This designation was proven false when direct contact was made with this mysterious unit and its human pilot, Masaki Andou, a Japanese citizen who had been officially missing for some time. It was soon made apparent that the Cybaster was not of extraterrestrial origin, but rather of extradimensional origin, hailing from the ether world of La Gias. In this world, said to exist "beneath the surface of the earth, and directly linked to the surface world", science and technology have been superseded by alchemy and spirituality, while magic is commonplace.

The Cybaster was a specialized "Masouki", literally meaning elemental. This was a type of machine created through alchemical science and blessed with the divine protection of an elemental spirit. Oddly, despite its otherworldly nature, the design specifications of the Cybaster were nearly identical to that of a Personal Trooper, although its power source remained a mystery to EFF scientists, as the machine is directly powered by its pilot’s Life Force, or "prana". This hints at some form of shared lineage, likely considering that all known mobile weaponry was based on design schematics created eons ago by the "progenitor race" who serve as the ancestral species to all humanoid aliens in the galaxy. The Cybaster was one of four special "Masouki" known as "Masoukishin" – literally, "Lord of Elemental". These specialized Masouki were blessed by high level elemental sprits, giving them powers far beyond that of ordinary Masouki.

The Cybaster was blessed by the Wind elemental’s saint level spirit Cyfith, making it one of the fastest known Masouki. The Cybaster is also the only Masouki ever granted the ability to transform (into the Cybird), thereby increasing its speeds to even greater levels. Additionally, the Cybaster was the only known Masouki with a direct connection to the Laplace Demonic Computer, a mysterious magical computer system thought to be capable of predicting the future. Under extreme circumstances, the Cybaster’s pilot could directly interface with this computer, giving him temporary control over the laws of physics themselves. The downside of this connection was that it drained so much of the pilot’s prana, or life force, that it would theoretically kill him. Like all Masouki, the Cybaster chooses its own pilot, and as a Masoukishin, it will only choose a pilot from the "surface world." During the time of the Divine Wars and the subsequent conflicts thereafter, the Cybaster had chosen Masaki Andou, and was in part the reason for him being drawn to the otherworld of La Gias.

The Cybaster is equipped with a mystical sword known as the Dis-Cutter, which it could summon at any time. Additionally, pilot Masaki’s familiars, Kuro and Shiro, were each capable of controlling remote weapons known as High Familiars, similar in many ways to weapons controlled by a T-Link system. The Cybaster was capable of enveloping itself in prana and charging an enemy in an attack known as the "Akashic Buster", not dissimilar to the sonic shields or breaker shields used by Earth and Aeogator technology. It could, additionally, extend this prana outwards in a powerful attack known as the Cyflash, a wide range attack which only targets those considered by the pilot (and controller of this prana-field) to be enemies. The Cybaster could alternatively direct all of its pilot’s prana in a single concentrated attack known as the Cosmo Nova, which was also the most powerful attack possessed by the machine.

Upon establishing contact with the Hagane, it became clear that pilot Masaki Andou and the EFF shared a common goal in the elimination of the DC faction and the defense of the Earth Sphere. Hence, from then after, the Cybaster was re-registered as an irregular unit affiliated with the EFF Army, and somewhat officially stationed about the Hagane.

AGX-05 Cybaster
28.48 meters
38.4 tons
Masaki Andou, Kuro (familiar co-pilot), Shiro (familiar co-pilot)
Caloric Missile, Discutter (summoned, hand carried in use), Familiar/High Familiar
SRW Attack List:

Caloric Missile
High Familiar
Akashic Buster
Cosmo Nova


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