PTX-001 Gespenst Rapidity Type

PTX-001 Gespenst Rapidity Type

Confronted with the threat of invasion by a technologically superior alien race, the Earth Federation government began developing next generation combat weapons. In cooperation with the EFF, Mao Industries began developing the Personal Trooper concept, a humanoid mobile weapon designed to be capable of going toe to toe with the Aliens’ unmanned mobile weapons. The first Personal Trooper to be designed was the PTX-001 Gespenst, German for "phantom". This was intended to be a highly mobile, versatile combat machine designed for lightning fast hit and run tactics. All future PT designs would be based on the test data gathered from this unit.

The Gespenst was equipped with several high powered, next generation weapons. Its primary armament was the Neutron Beam Rifle, a relatively compact energy weapon capable of firing an extremely powerful neutron ray over a long distance. For close range combat three Plasma Cutters, self contained energy blade weapons, could be stored on its left forearm. It was later equipped with a prototype remote weapon called the Rip Slasher, which was a remote controlled cutting disk that could be launched from the unit and would return under its own power. Finally, the Gespenst could also be equipped with a ballistic missile system known as the "split missile", stored on its back. This system was contained in a pair of weapons pods which would be fired at a target before releasing a payload of several small semi guided missiles at the enemy.

The R-Type was assigned to Major Gilliam Jaeger of the Earth Federation Special Forces, being suited to his quick and deadly hit-and-run combat philosophy.

While it was designed to combat an alien threat, like most Personal Troopers, the Gespenst was built using entirely earth based technology. While this meant that all of its systems were well tested, it also greatly increased the production cost of the unit compared to a machine produced using Extra Over Technology. As such, very few Gespenst R units were ever built.

PTX-001 Gespenst Rapidity Type
21.2 meters
75.2 tons
Gilliam Jaeger
Special Equipment:
Beam Coating
Fixed Armament:
Split Missile Launcher x2 (mounted on backpack), Plasma Cutter (hand-carried in use), Neutron Beam (hand-carried in use), Remote Slasher x8 (stored in shoulder armor)
SRW Attack List:

Split Missile
Plasma Cutter
Neutron Beam
Remote Slasher


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