PTX-002 Gespenst Type Strength

PTX-002 Gespenst Type Strength

With the success of the PTX-001 Gespenst Type R, Mao Industries continued to refine its Personal Trooper Gespenst concept. The second Personal Trooper would be based on the same chassis as the first and would be named the PTX-002 Gespenst Type S, or Strength type.

While the Rapidity type Gespenst focused on speed and versatility, the Strength type would focus on close range combat. To this end, it was equipped with a new experimental scattering beam weapon simply called the "Blaster Beam". Rather than rely on an external rifle, this weapon would gather energy into a launcher located directly in the unit’s chest. This would then be fired at the enemy at close range, causing massive target damage. The Strength type was also equipped with the same Plasma cutters as the Rapidity type, as well as the Split Missile munitions system.

Like most Personal Troopers this machine relied completely on earth technology. As a result, the machine’s high price tag meant that it would not be widely produced. The only unit known to have been completed vanished along with its test pilot in the early days of the Aerogator confrontation. The data collected from this unit would be put to good use by long time Mao industries Collaborator, the Testla-Reicht Institute, in their Super Robot Grungust series.

PTX-002 Gespenst Type Strength
21.2 meters
72.4 tons
Kar-Wai Lau
Special Equipment:
Beam Coating
Fixed Armament:
Split Missile Launcher x2 (mounted on backpack), Plasma Cutter (hand-carried in use), Blaster Beam (mounted in chest)
SRW Attack List:

Split Missile
Plasma Cutter
Blaster Beam


Special thanks to Neo Roanoke for the profile.