PTX-007-02 Gespenst Mk II Strength Type

Gespenst Mk-II

Having developed many Personal Trooper prototypes, Mao Industries began to look back to their original Gespenst plan with the explicit intention of mass production. By simplifying some of the more expensive systems used in earlier Personal Trooper models, the PTX-007 series could achieve similar performance ratings at a greatly lowered production cost. Three units would be produced, corresponding to the original three Gespenst units.

The PTX-007-02 Gespenst Mk II Strength type is based on the PTX-002 Gespenst S, and like its predecessor, focuses on brute force melee combat. The signature Blaster Beam of the Gespenst type S has been upgraded to the more efficient and strengthened "Mega Blaster Beam", while the "Plasma Cutter" beam swords have been replaced with "Mega Plasma Cutters". The machine’s operating system has been programmed with a specialty melee attack known as the "Gespenst kick", wherein the Gespenst uses its rocket boosters to make an assisted jump and uses the momentum generated from this, combined with the weight of the mech, to connect with a strong kicking attack.

PTX-007-02 Gespenst Mk II Strength Type
21.2 meters
72.4 tons
Kai Kitamura, Ring Mao and Viletta Vadim
Special Equipment:
Beam Coating
Fixed Armament:
Split Missile Launcher x2 (mounted on backpack), Mega Plasma Cutter (hand-carried in use), Mega Blaster Beam (mounted in chest), Slash Ripper remote weapon x12 (stored in shoulder armor)
SRW Attack List:

Split Missile
Mega Plasma Cutter
Mega Blaster Beam
Slash Ripper
Gespenst Kick (specialty)


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