GS-1 Giganscudo

GS-1 Giganscudo

The Giganscudo, meaning "gigantic shield" in Italian, was the first mobile weapon developed in the New Common Era. The Giganscudo was developed by Earth Federation Army in an attempt to suppress the NID4 movement, which was an independence movement among the space colonies.

Originally designed before the discovery of Extra Over Technology, the Giganscudo project was intended to be a simplified battleship. Requiring only a two man crew, but boasting power similar to that of a fully staffed warship, it was hoped that Giganscudo units could economically keep peace in space. The incomplete prototype was stolen by terrorists near the Hope colony, requiring the EFA to heavily damage the colony in order to suppress the terrorist cell, killing thousands. This event would later be called the "Hope Incident". The Giganscudo would be seen as a symbol of anti-colony sentiment, and was universally reviled by citizens of the colonies. As an indirect result of this incident, the colonies were eventually granted the freedom to govern themselves as an autonomous body, and the Giganscudo project would no longer be needed. The prototype was therefore suspended indefinitely.

Years later, when the Hiryu space exploration ship was completed, the rebuilt Giganscudo would be sent to accompany it in case military support was needed. The Hiryu would find itself under attack from an unknown Alien threat just outside the solar system, and would barely manage to make its way back to earth. Upon its return, both the Hiyru and the Giganscudo would be rebuilt into modern military vessels, with the Giganscudo’s body being converted into a mobile weapon using the technology used from the Personal Trooper concept by Dr. Marriam Radom.

Due to its origins as a battleship, the Giganscudo is of an incredible scale compared to conventional mobile weapons. Because of this it has extremely high energy output, although its weapon and propulsion systems also quickly expend energy. The completed Giganscudo is equipped with a testla drive for propulsion and features a modified beam shield for protection, in addition to the incredibly think armor from which it gets its name. Each of the mechs arms mounts a large shield, which are also capable of generating energy fields. The mech can use this ability both offensively and defensively. It can also attack outwards, creating a makeshift range attack known as the "Giga Circle Blaster", although this attack cannot be directed, instead hitting anything within a certain range of the unit. The machine’s signature move, Giga Uragano, encircles the entire machine in a protective energy field as the Giganscudo uses its incredible mass to ram an enemy.

It is the only earth based machine known to have survived a direct blow from the Colossal Blade (Zankantou) of Sangar Zonbolt’s Grungust Type Zero.

GS-1 Giganscudo
70.3 meters
451.9 tons
Tasuku Shinguchi
Special Equipment:
Testla drive, Sheath Shield x2 (mounted on forearms)
SRW Attack List:

Giga Circle Blastor
Giga Knuckle
Giga Wide Blaster
Sheath Thunder
Giga Uragano


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