GS-1D Giganscudo Duro

GS-1D Giganscudo Duro

After the L5 Campaign, the Giganscudo was stationed aboard the Hiryu Kai as it patrolled the Icarus asteroid belt. Here the Giganscudo would receive an upgrade designed by project leader Dr. Marion Radom. This upgrade would replacing its defensive arm shields with offensive "Heavy Anchors", as well as equip the mech with an improved "G-Territory" gravity shield. This improved version of the Giganscudo would be renamed the Giganscudo Duro, Italian for "Hardened Gigantic Shield".

While keeping all of the attributes of the original machine, the upgraded Giganscudo could use these new anchors as a grappling weapon, or to more effectively direct its energy shielding for better pinpoint attacks. These anchors could also be launched towards an enemy, providing the Giganscudo with better ranged attack capacity. Because they were tethered to the unit using a heavy chain, the Giganscudo could "grab" an enemy at a distance, reeling it into its effective attack range. Combining the inertia of this action with its own heavy mass and energy shielding, the Guganscudo Duro greatly improved upon the "Giga Uragano" attack of its predecessor.

GS-1D Giganscudo Duro
70.3 meters
487 tons
Tasuku Shinguchi
Special Equipment:
Testla Drive, Gravicon System (G Wall), Sheath Anchor x2 (mounted on forearms)
SRW Attack List:

Weapon Breaker
Giga Circle Blastor
Gigant Knuckle
Giga Wide Blastor
Gigante Uragano


Special thanks to Neo Roanoke for the profile.