DCAM-00 Granzon
EI-YAM-003 / DCSMH-03 / R-0

DCAM-00 Granzon

The Granzon was one of the first mobile weapons fielded by the Divine Crusaders and is widely considered to be their most powerful unit, if not the most powerful unit ever fielded by humans. It was said that the single Granzon unit built had a development cost equal to two thirds of the entire Divine Crusader’s budget. The machine was given a number of designations, as developer Shuu Shirakawa proposed the unit as a prototype for a number of design plans (including the R-Series) to gather additional funds to produce the machine. Specifically, the Granzon can be considered the link between the Super Machinery Humanoid series developed by the EOTI and the Armored Module series designed by Isurigi industries. It should be noted that while the Granzon was originally built and operated under the control of the Divine Crusaders, its designer and pilot had other ideas in mind for it – Shuu Shirakawa was in fact a renegade prince from the alternate world of "La Gias", who had self exiled himself to the surface world in order to gather power. As a result of this, the Granzon secretly incorporated Masoukishin technology in addition to Alien Extra Over Technology, making it not entirely of this world.

The Granzon was a test bed for many new experimental forms of Extra Over Technology, including a perfected Black Hole Engine known as the Antimatter Annihilation Engine. Because of this the Granzon’s primary method of attack is through use of gravitational weaponry. Because this black hole generator was far more advanced than that of the original Huckebein the Granzon’s capacity for gravity based weapons surpassed the Black Hole Cannon, and indeed surpasses even the alien technology on which it is based. So perfect was the Granzon’s control of quantum singularity based technology that it could store additional weaponry such as the Granworm Sword in subspace, to be drawn forth at any time. Like the Huckebein, the Granzon is capable of launching quantum singularities at enemies, but can do so repeatedly, and can create as many singularities at a time as were needed. The AI system installed in the machine was such that the Granzon was said to be capable of handling up to 65,536 enemies at the same time.

Because of Shuu’s secret nature as the servant of the Dark Elemental of Destruction Vulkruss, and the Granzon’s incorporation of Masouki technology, the Granzon is capable of transforming into an even more powerful form known as the Neo Granzon – at the cost of its pilot’s soul, and the chance of initiating the end of days, "Ragnarok" for both the "subterranean" world of La Gias and the surface world, Earth...

DCAM-00 Granzon
27.3 meters
42.8 tons
Shuu Shirakawa
Granworm Sword (stored extradimensionally), Graviton Cannon (mounted in chest)
SRW Attack List:

Energy Drain
Granworm Sword
Graviton Cannon
Worm Smasher
Black Hole Cluster
Prototype Degeneration Cannon


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