SRG-02 Grungust Type Two

SRG-02 Grungust Type Two

Encouraged by their success with the first two of their Super Robot Grungust models, the Testla Leight Institute continued to refine and streamline their design. While the Grungust line was extremely powerful and performed well enough to meet all expectations, the concept was far too expensive for anything beyond limited production. After the close of the Divine War, the TLI began work on their production prototype Grungust Type Two, intended to lower the production cost of the mecha and create a design capable of being mass produced.

The Grungust Type Two was extremely similar to the previous Grungust types in design and armament, but was constructed with lighter armor to reduce its construction cost. To take advantage of emerging research on the potential of the Psychodiver phenomenon, the Type Two is equipped with a T-Link system. To compensate for the lack of armor, this T-Link system was capable of generating a Psychic force field known as the "Nendou" or "T-Link" Field. To further reduce its cost, the Gust Lander configuration of the Grungust Type One was eliminated. The Type Two does however retain its flight transformation, now dubbed the "G-Hawk".

The Grungust Type Two retained weapons systems based on those found on previous Grungusts. The Omega laser from the Type One was replaced with the Eye Solid Laser, now mounted in the machine’s forehead, while the Hyper Beam concept had been refined further into the more accurate long range Maxi Blaster, which now combined the best aspects of a diffused beam emitter with the accuracy of a concentrated beam launcher. Like all Grungust models, the Type Two’s forearm could be launched and directed as a remote weapon known as the "Boost Knuckle". The Type Two was also equipped with its own sword, known as the "Keitou Shungokuken", or Doom Blade.

Like the Grungust Type One, the G-Hawk configuration of the Type Two was unable to use the majority of its equipped weapons, and secondary weapon systems had to be integrated into the design to compensate for this fact. The G-Hawk retained the use of the Eye Solid Laser, and a missile system was integrated into the machine for additional firepower. To save cost, Personal Trooper use Split Missiles were used for this purpose. Like the Type One’s Wing Gust, the G-Hawk was equipped with a Spiral-like energy attack.

The Grungust Type Two was still an extremely expensive machine, but did ultimately see limited mass production. The original Type Two would be fielded by medic turned soldier Kusuha Mizuho towards the end of the L5 Campaign.

Appearances Super Robot Wars Alpha (PSX), Super Robot Taisen Original Generation (GBA), Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 2 (GBA), super Robot Wars Original Generations (PS2), Super Robot Wars Originl Generation Gaiden (PS2), Super Robot Wars Original Generation Divine Wars (anime)

SRG-02 Grungust Type Two
50 meters
300 tons
Kuzuha Mizuho
Special Equipment:
T-Link System
Eye Solid Laser (head mounted), Boost Knuckle (forearm), Maxi Blaster (chest mounted), Keitou Shungokuken (Doom Blade) (hand carried in use), Split Missile
SRW Attack List:

Eye Solid Laser
Boost Knuckle
Maxi Blaster
Keitou Shungokuken (Doom Blade)

Eye Solid Laser
Split Missile
Spiral Attack



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