DCAM-006 Guarlion

DCAM-006 Guarlion

Isurugi created a groundbreaking new mobile weapon concept with its armored module, combining the lightweight speed and aerial capacity of a fighter plane with the robust versatility of a mobile weapon. Having designed a capable mass production model in the form of the Lion, supplemented by an excellent bombardment unit in the Barrelion, Isurugi turned its attention towards developing a strengthened commander’s unit for its top ranked pilots. By combining the design of an armored module with concepts reverse engineered from competitor’s Mao Industries Personal Trooper line, Isurugi was able to create a powerful high end armored module while still keeping production costs below that of a PT. The end result of this project was the DCAM-006 Guarlion.

The Guarlion was not intended for wide production, so its designers allowed for more leeway in its capabilities. This made the unit both faster than the standard lion, as well as being better armored. The Guarlion was easily on par with a Personal Trooper in terms of armor and firepower, but was capable of flight and high speed maneuvers making it a force to be feared.

The base equipment of the Guarlion was similar to that of the Lion. It featured a pair of autocannon vulcans mounted in its chest, an assault blade, and a handheld railgun, all based on those used by the Lion. However, the Guarlion had one weapon that no other armored module possessed – the Break Field. By projecting an energy force field directly in front of itself and using the high output of its Testla Drive, the Guarlion was capable of a devastating close combat ramming attack. This attack was capable of completely destroying a Personal Trooper.

Because it was intended for use only by commanders, few Guarlions were built compared to Lions and Barrelions. Like the other Armored Modules, after the Divine Wars ended Isurugi contracted the Guarlion to the EFF, who would redesignate it the RAM-006.

Appearances Super Robot Taisen Original Generation (GBA), Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 2 (GBA), Super Robot Wars Original Generations (PS2), Super Robot Wars Original Generation Gaiden (PS2), Super Robot Wars Original Generation Divine Wars (anime)

DCAM-006 Guarlion
18.9 meters
30.4 tons
Thomas Platt, Tenzan Nakajima, Tempest Hawker, Julia Hienkel, Leona Garstien, Archibald Grimms, Tsugimi Takakura, Elzam V. Branstein
Special Equipment:
Testla Drive, Boost Drive, ASRS (Aviation Safety Reporting System)
Autocannon, Assault Blade (hand carried in use), Burst Railgun (hand carried in use), Break Field (generators mounted on shoulders)
SRW Attack List:

Assault Blade
Bust Railgun
Break Field


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