DCSMH-01C Valsion Custom
(Valsion Kai)

DCSMH-01C Valsion Custom

Bian Zoldark had intended the Valsion to be his personal mount, symbolizing his own strength and leadership, as well as his honor in leading from the front line. However his subordinate and technician Addler Koch had different ideas about how to utilize the power of the Valsion, seeing it only as a powerful weapon and knowing nothing of the DC’s altruistic purposes. To this degree Koch secretly had multiple mass production Valsion units constructed for his own purposes. At least three of these units are known to have been built, with the probability of more unaccounted for.

The Valsion Custom was nearly identical to the Valsion, although it had a few minor cost saving differences. Most notably, the Cross Smasher weapon system has been compacted and mounted in the forearm instead of the shoulders, and the Gravicon System of the original Valsion has been replaced by a simple anti-beam field. What truly sets the Valsion Custom apart from the original is its control system – the GEIM system. Utilizing a direct feedback to the pilot’s mind, the GEIM system allows perfect synchronization between man and machine, at a cost. The user will quickly lose himself to the machine as it overwrites his entire mind to become a part of itself, little more than a CPU.

All known Valsion Custom units would be destroyed by the Hagane and Hiryu Kai in their efforts to rescue Princess Shine Houssen, who had been kidnapped for her clairvoyance to be used as a component in this GEIM system. There are conflicting reports that a single Valsion Custom was captured and refitted for use by the Hagane Crew, by eliminating the GEIM system and rendering it a normal mobile weapon.

Appearances Super Robot Wars 3 (SNES), Super Robot Taisen Originl Generation (GBA), Super Robot Wars Original Generations (PS2), Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars (anime)

DCSMH-01C Valsion Custom
57.0 meters
55.0 tons
Tenzan Nakajima, Tempest Kawker, Shine Haussen, Addler Koch
Special Equipment:
Testla Drive, Anti Beam Field, GEIM System
Divine Arm, Mega Gravicon Wave, Cross Smasher
SRW Attack List:

Energy Drain
Chaff Grenade
Divine Arm
Mega Gravicon Wave
Cross Smasher
Big Bang Wave (SRW 3 only)
Mega Flasher (SRW 3 only)


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