PTX-007-03C Weißritter


Like the PTX-003 before it, the PTX-007-03 Gespenst Mk II Test type would not be completed as planned, instead being folded into the ATX project development. Intended to compliment the Gespenst Mk III prototype Alteisen, the Gepenst Mk II Custom, Codenamed "Weißritter" or White Knight, was designed for long range support fire.

While designer Dr. Mariam Radom was staunchly against the use of EOT for mobile weapons developments, the difficulties that plagued the Alteisen development project (as well as the pleas of fellow designer and ex husband Kirk Hammil) caused her to relent and allow a testla drive to be installed in the prototype. This allowed the Weißritter to fly freely in the atmosphere without the need to worry about chemical rockets and fuel capacity. In order to reduce the weight of the unit and lower the strain on its propulsion needs, much of the Gespenst armor has been removed or reduced, leaving the Weißritter lightweight but delicate. The end result was a high-mobility assault unit that could sortie quickly and strike rapidly at targets from a distance, while its partner Alteisen could charge in and finish them off at close range. Along with the PTX-003C’s pilot, Kyousuke Nanbu, Excellen could execute the "Rampage Ghost" maneuver, which consisted of a series of attacks that were so rapid that an enemy target would have no time to activate a barrier to soak up the damage.

Weißritter's main weapon was the Ochstan Launcher (An Ochstan is an old type of German lance), a long, rifle-like device that could fire both solid slugs and beams. Both modes complemented each other; the solid rounds were more powerful but more limited in range, while the beams reached much farther but did less damage. Excellen could also fire both modes in close succession, maximizing damage and versatility. In addition to its main armament, the Weißritter features a set of beam cannons mounted on its left forearm, as well as a plasma cutter for close combat.

Unlike the Alteisen, the Weißritter was incredibly successful in its tests and in actual combat. It was deemed too complex and expensive for mass production.

PTX-007-03C Weißritter
Other Names:
Gespenst Mk-II Custom
21.7 meters
60.3 tons
Excellen Browning
Special Equipment:
Compact Tesla Drive (mounted on back), Beam coating (later replaced with an Anti-Beam Field)
Beam cannon x3 (mounted in left arm)
Optional Handheld Armament:
Oxtounge rifle (hand-carried in use), beam sword
Optional Fixed Armament:
Split Missile Launcher
SRW Attack List:

Split Missile
Beam Sword
Triple Beam Cannon
Oxtoungue Rifle D mode (also called W mode)
Combination Attack:
Rampage Ghost (Alteisen)


Special thanks to Neo Roanoke for the profile.