PTX-005 Wildschwein

PTX-005 Wildschwein

Further developing the high maneuverability concept of the PTX-001 Gespenst Type R, Mao Industries developed Wildschwein. Wildschwein means "wild boar." While this machine was intended to be the mass produced derivative of the Gespenst, it was still deemed too expensive and difficult to maintain. Ultimately the completed prototype would be used to gather data for the next generation of personal troopers, and was assigned to SRX team leader Ingram Priskin to ensure quality combat data.

The Wildschwein could be equipped with any handheld weapon designed for the Gespenst series, but featured the unique Circle Zanber weapon mounted on its left arm. This roughly disk-shaped weapon was in fact a series of plasma blade emitters arranged in a circular pattern to form a cutting surface that the mech could use as a powerful melee weapon. This concept would later be refined to create the Rip Slasher weapons used by the Real Trooper series, as well as the Slash Ripper weapons used by the mass production Gespenst.

While the Wildschwein failed as a mass production unit, its combat data nonetheless proved exceptionally valuable, allowing for the creation of the mass production type Gespenst, as well as serving as the prototype for Mao Industries next generation of mobile weapon, the Real Trooper Huckebein.

PTX-005 Wildschwein
23.2 meters
79.4 tons
Ingram Priskin, Ryoto Hikawa
M950 machinegun, M13 Shotgun, Beam Sword, Circle Zanber
Special Equipment:
Beam Coating
SRW Attack List:

M950 machinegun
M13 Shotgun
Beam Sword
Circle Zanber


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