Kamen Rider 555/Faiz

Kamen Rider best translates to "masked rider." Kamen Rider 555 first aired in January 2003 and lasted 50 episodes. It was followed by a movie called "Paradise Lost." 555 features lots of high-tech equipment and keeps closer to the feel of the original Kamen Rider series.

Yuji Kiba dies in a car crash that also takes his parents’ lives. Two years later he awakes in a morgue and realizes he can never return to his former life. He comes into the care of Smart Brain where people tell him he has been reborn as Orphenochs and must abandon his human side in order to wipe out humanity.

Takumi Inui is a young man in Tokyo who follows a girl who he thinks made off with his gym bag. As he confronts her Orphenochs appears and also demands the bag. Inside the bag is a belt made by highly advanced technology that can transform its wearer into Kamen Rider 555. The girl, Mari Sonoda, tries to use the belt herself but finds she can’t. In desperation, she puts the belt on Takumi who subsequently transforms and finds himself battling Orphenochs. At first reluctant to stay with Mari, Takumi finds he can’t hide from destiny and agrees to defeat Orphenochs as Kamen Rider 555.

motorcycle modearmor mode
SB-555V Auto Vajin
This is Masked Rider Faiz’s motorcycle. It can transform into a humanoid battle mode and move on its own thanks to an advance AI. When in battle mode, the back wheel becomes a hover jet allowing it to fly. The front wheel becomes the "buster wheel", a wheel-shape gatling launcher powerful enough to kill Orphenochs. Its handle also becomes the "Faiz edge," an energy sword for Faiz.

motorcycle modearmor mode
SB-913V Side Bassha
Masked Rider Kaixa’s motorcycle. The sidecar ejects. Its battle mode is much more powerful than Auto Vajin as its concept is a movable turret. The six exhaust pipes become a powerful 6-barrel photon cannon in battle mode.