FRX-00 / FFR-41MR Mave
FRX-99 Rafe


The Mave is a new fighter plane developed with the very latest technologies. Lieutenant Fukai Rei is assigned to pilot one about halfway through the story. The Mave is the most maneuverable fighter ever designed and Rei pushes it to its limits with his superior skill. The Mave has a modular design. The cockpit is built into a kind of capsule that can be completely removed. A different capsule containing an AI computer can be inserted to make it an unmanned plane – at which point it becomes a Rafe.

Mave development started with the FRX-99 Rafe. This unmanned reconnaissance aircraft was developed to replace the Super Sylph. It has a highly advanced onboard computer capable of carrying out the entire mission on its own. The engine is also more powerful than the Super Sylph’s. The biggest advantage to this aircraft is that it can maneuver beyond the capabilities of a human pilot.

After an incident involving TAB-15, the decision was made to modify the fighter to allow humans to pilot it. Limiters were placed on the engines, which later caused problems. Aside from the cockpit and limiters, the Mave is virtually identical to the Rafe. During development the Mave’s model number was FRX-00. Upon completion the model number was changed to FFR-41MR.

FRX-00 / FFR-41MR Mave
FRX-99 Rafe
Fairy Air Force (FAF)
pilot and co-pilot or unmanned
Total Length:
18.0 meters
14.52 meters
Total Height:
6.28 meters
standard mission 11,860 kg; maximum 34,220 kg
Powerplant Type:
FNX-5011-D-20 Phoenix MK XI turbofan x2; later refitted with FNX-5011-D[VC] x2
Powerplant Output:
10,220 kg; afterburner 14,930 kg
cruise Mach 1.75; max Mach 3.3; fuselage load limit 9 G+
Maximum Altitude:
24,800 meters
20mm vulcan gun x1, hardpoint x5
Yukikaze AI system



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