Giero Skaskonich
Gielo Sgasconich

Giero Skaskonich

A headdliner of Filmore’s Knue Syltiss Knights. Master of Fatima Syucha. Although Giero normally piloted a Siren, during special assignments he piloted the Yellow Boowray with the Rainbow Boowray Mercenary Corps. Presumed to be an excellent knight and headdliner to be assigned to the guerrilla team fighting against a military superpower such as the Colus Empire. As is typical for a knight of the Filmore Empire, he views fatimas as mere weapons of war and holds no sympathy for them.

During his final battle with Colus III, Giero demonstrates his excellent battlefield tactics and mortar headd piloting skills by correctly recognizing Junchoon’s flaws and critically wounding Colus III, who is one of galaxy’s finest warrior kings. He also mortally wounds Fatima Ulicle. Giero ultimately meets his death by the hands of Colus III in a spadd duel when Colus charges without regard for his own life. If not for the Mirage Knights’ involvement, Giero’s team would have captured Colus’ King and her flagship mortar headd.

Giero’s body and mortar headd were recovered and sent back to his homeland in JC 2989.


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the character profile.