Fatima Historical Background

When fatimas were first created they were used as cannon fodder soldiers and sexual playthings. They were considered little better than animals and factories throughout the galaxy produced upwards of 300,000 per month. In an average 50 year period it is estimated that 100 million of them met their end.

Fatimas seemed destined for nothing greater than unmarked mass graves on battlefields and garbage heaps behind brothels when the mortar headd came on the scene. This new weapon required a special kind of copilot to control onboard computer systems and neither normal humans nor headdliners were up to the task. Higher quality fatimas had good computational skills and around JC 2200 it was thought they may be able to keep up with the information flow. New experiments began to alter these artificial life forms for this role. However, mortar headds were capable of such fast maneuvering that even the unique skills of fatimas seemed insufficient until someone tried splicing headdliner DNA into fatimas. Their speed and endurance were greatly increased. This new breed of fatima was the perfect solution.

Fatimas came to be seen in a whole new light as invaluable resources. The new kind of fatima was more difficult and costly to produce and had to be "raised" more like human children in order to ensure top performance.

The general population's view has changed little in the past few centuries, however. Fatima brothels still exist and the creatures are regarded with mixtures of fear and distrust. Galactic laws concerning fatimas changed very little and Headdliners now have to be careful to keep their unique partners away from public scrutiny.

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