Hind Kill

Hind Kill

FEMC #10, a member of the Amaterasu royal family, Hind Kill wears a special mask that he never removes in public. A noble of the rank of Count, Hind Kill is also the administrator of Float Temple. The reason for his masked features is because he had his facial features surgically altered to appear exactly as Emperor Amaterasu, to be able to act as his double and as a distraction for possible assassination attempts (though it is said he can use his mask to control illusions as well).

Hind Kill is a mysterious person about whom very little is known. Hind Kill is also an assumed name; his true name is unknown, even to other Mirage Knights.

Hind Kill pilots a LED Mirage and his fatima is Ballanche Fatima no. 37, Tieylea.


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the character profile.