Mission Routh
Voards Viewlard

Mission Routh

Mission Routh is a headdliner from the Trun Union on Addler. The scion of a prominent family, Mission Routh is the president of Trun. However it is his alter ego, Voards Viewlard, that is better known to Five Star Stories fans. As a youth, Mission came to his headdliner powers late in life, which almost guarantees failure as a knight and mortar headd pilot. However, Mission managed to beat the odds to become quite a powerful headdliner in his own right.

Mission Routh is a direct descendant of Nakandarah Swans, which makes him a pure-blood headdliner. Though Routh is the recipient of pure headdliner genes and one of the more powerful headdliners in the galaxy, he prefers to masquerade as bumbling headdliner Voards Viewlard when not acting in an official capacity as the President of Trun.

As Voards Viewlard, he is a perverted trickster of the highest degree. He enjoys peeking up women’s skirts and fondling young meisters and he is no stranger to strong drink. It’s all in good fun, though and Viewlard’s perpetually jubilant mood is highly infectious, even amongst those female headdliners who find his crude antics annoying.

Voards Viewlard and Ladios Sop meet at Lachesis’ debut in Lent where they strike up a fast and long-lasting friendship. Viewlard originally mistook Sop for a woman and oftentimes finds it difficult to believe Sop is a guy. Much to Sop’s chagrin as he must defend himself from Viewlard’s lusty advances.

Voards fatima is Ballanche Fatima #40 Megaera, whom Viewlard refers to as Mequra when he’s in disguise. Viewlard’s mortar headd is the Kormals series Biblos, which gets an armor change and redubbed the Brandzi/Branji when he’s masquerading as Viewlard.


As Voards Viewlard

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