Landwand Spaccorn

Landwand Spaccorn

Mirage Knight no. 3, Spaccorn is a noble of the rank of "Duke". He is the AKD’s leading diplomat as well as one of the FEMC’s fiercest warriors. He is a native of the Jilma Federation (an AKD sovereign state) and captain of the palace guard on Float Temple.

Spaccorn prefers cybernetic enhancement to increase his headdliner prowess. Though the cybernetic body increases his strength and durability, it reduces his speed somewhat. Joker technology is advanced enough to convert a person to a full cybernetic body (all but brain and spine) and then return them to normal. Spaccorn goes through these procedures regularly, using cybernetics for combat campaigns and converting back to his normal body for diplomatic missions. Spaccorn has been seen using partial cybernetic conversions (normally his left arm and right eye) as well as full cybernetic body conversion (in book 1, he is seen using a fully cybernetic body where everything but his head was artificial) which significantly increases his battle prowess. His right eye houses a laser weapon within it.

Spaccorn pilots a LED Mirage and his fatima is Ballanche fatima no.41 Tisphone.


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