Meight: Dr. Chrome Ballanche
Number: BFOS-07
Gauge: A-2A-2A-A-B1
Clearance: Flawless
Type: M
Masters: F.U. Rognar

Dr. Ballanche’s 7th masterpiece fatima, Eatta is the wife and partner of Mirage Knight #04 (Orange Right) Falk Rognar. She met her current master in J.C. 2810 after his clone was awakened. From this point forward, Eatta would be put to sleep in the Floating Temple to await her master’s resurrection in the event of his untimely demise.

Eatta is one of the few fatima in the galaxy to posses a Clearance rating of Flawless. Only 10 fatima (thus far) in the tale exist with this rating. Due to this rating, Eatta is given the title of White Eatta, indicating a Ballanche fatima of Flawless character. Over the course of serving her master, Eatta pilots a Horned Mirage, LED Mirage, Speed Mirage, Jagd Mirage, a LED variant called the Babiron and one of the legendary Mighty Series, the Mighty Beta.


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the fatima profile.