Meight: Dr. Morard Carbyte
Gauge: B1-A-A-A-B1 / 2A-3A-3A-3A-2A
Clearance: Flawless
Type: S
Masters: Tsuri Peidol (1st Black Knight), Roados Dragoon (2nd Black Knight), Krakenbeal Mejojo, Decors Weissmel (3rd Black Knight), Mel Rince, Buntline Gore (4th Black Knight), Grard Sydmian (5th Black Knight), Colus XXVI

Est is the first masterpiece fatima from esteemed fatima meight, Dr. Morard Carbyte. She was not created in a normal fashion. She was created to specifically compliment the mortar headd Vatshu. When piloting Vatshu, Est's gauges, which of themselves are quite remarkable, are increased by 2 levels. Her MH Control, Calculation and Endurance gauges are increased to the phenomenal level of 3A. This ability is known as the Synchronize Fluter and is responsible for Est's value when paired with Vatshu.

Because of this ability, which was (at the time of her birth) unprecedented in the galaxy, many knights began to fight over Est and Vatshu. Being the cause of all this death and destruction was too stressful for Est and her mind began to fracture. To save her, Dr. Morard re-programmed Est with what he calls a Phantom Program. This program is a modified form of the standard "seek your own master" program used in other fatima. When Est goes into seeker-mode, she reverts to a personality called Vasche. Vasche's goal is to help train fledgling headdliners she meets in the arts of combat while she searches for the next Black Knight. Est is not programmed to find the headdliner most compatible with herself, as other fatimas are, but to find the headdliner most compatible with Vatshu.

Over the course of her existence, Est pilots more mortar headds and serves with more masters than any other fatima in history. Her stored battle-data makes her such a commodity on the field of battle that Est is considered one of the most dangerous fatimas in the galaxy.


As Vasche

Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the fatima profile.