Meight: Dr. Chrome Ballanche
Number: BFOS-21
Gauge: 2A-3A-2A-3A-3A
Clearance: unknown
Type: ?

Hugtrang is one of the most famous fatimas across the galaxy. She is highly sought after not only for her unsurpassed ability but for her irresistible beauty as well. One of Dr. Ballanche’s most talented masterpieces, Hugtrang easily ranks in the top 5 in Ballanche’s collection based on quality alone. Her Power Gauge is well known, but her Clearance is a closely held secret.

Although the identity of Hugtrang’s master is a secret, in reality she is the fatima partner of fledgling headdliner Wascha Codante, younger sister of the Queen of Roumer (more commonly known as Aisha Codante). Wascha is considered to be a knight of extremely low ranking amongst the galaxy’s headdliner elite.

Hugtrang and Wascha get to pilot the one-of-a-kind Calvary-R together during the Majestic Stand in JC 3030.


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the fatima profile.