Meight: Dr. Chrome Ballanche
Number: BFOS-32
Gauge: B2-A-A-B2-B1
Clearance: VVS2
Type: M
Masters: Madora Moirai/Spark

A Ballanche creation belonging to Mirage Knight Spark, Krackaline is actually one of Spark’s two fatimas. Even though it is technically difficult to deploy more than one fatima at once, surprisingly, this is not a rare practice. A headdliner can have as many fatimas as he can financially support, though it would likely be frowned upon if a headdliner collected too many partners.

Krackaline is typical for a Ballanche masterpiece, which means that she is quite exceptional compared to the fatimas of other meights. As the partner of Mirage Knight Spark (aka Madora Moirai) she has access to various Mirage Machines as well as the ultra-rare Phantom.


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the fatima profile.