Meight: None (Mass Produced)
Number: Unknown (Mass Produced)
Gauge: B1-B2-B1-B1-B1
Clearance: VS1
Type: S
Masters: Mikhail Lester, Jhon Weinziel

A mass-produced fatima, Palsuet is of high quality even though she is not the product of a master fatima meight. Despite being "generic" she posseses very unique and individualistic traits.

Her first master, Mikhail Lester was killed at the hands of Bishop Iller and his Ashura Temple. Shortly thereafter, Palsuet ended up working in a fatima brothel for protection. She was released from the brothel by Prince Krakenbeal of Mejojo and took to wandering the barren steppes of Kastenpo, where she met a slightly more mature Jhon Weinziel who she wanted to recognize as her new master, but he rejected her. Aisha Codante and Qukey took her under their protection.

In her time Palsuet will co-pilot the Pluto (a Devoncha variant) and a Cross Mirage with Jhon Weinziel as the pilot.


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the fatima profile.