Meight: Dr. Morard Carbyte
Number: probably Dr. Carbyte’s fourth fatima
Gauge: A-2A-A-2A
Clearance: VVS2
Type: S
Masters: Mirage Knight Spector

Potar was at one time the most accomplished of Dr. Morard’s fatima masterpieces. She was irreparably damaged in battle and can now no longer control a mortar headd in combat. Thus, she has to call the likes of Spector "master".

She is the perfect partner for the Jestor-like Spector and is just as good-natured and fun-loving as her master. Together, Potar and Spector, along with Princess Lachesis, reign terror amongst the denizens of Float Temple, mainly in the form of exceptionally hilarious practical jokes.


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the fatima profile.