Meight: Dr. Chrome Ballanche
Number: BFOS-06
Gauge: B-2A-A-B2-B1
Clearance: VVS1
Type: S
Masters: Jaquous Quo’n Hash

The partner of headdliner Jaquous, leader of the Jota Space Knights, Vin-Tin is one of Dr. Ballanche’s earlier masterpieces, though she seems to be free of the psychological instabilities that plagued Ballanche’s first two models.

As with all the other Ballanche models, Vin-Tin is of extremely high quality and ability. Along with her partner Jaquous, she gets to co-pilot one of Dr. Diamond Neutral’s Mighty Series mortar headds, the Mighty Gamma.


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the fatima profile.