Knight of Gold 2

Patraqushie / Patraqshe Mirage

The Patraqushie Mirage (also spelled Patraqshe Mirage or Patraqushe Mirage), also called the Knight of Gold AT and the Knight of Gold 2, is the second version of the Knight of Gold that Amaterasu makes to replace the original after it goes missing in the battle of Fillmore in JC 3239. It’s name derives from Patraqushie Island, the island that was lifted from the sea and turned into Float Temple. The Knight of Gold 2 was built using saved data and the ezlazer engine components of the Auge Arusqull.

Unlike the original Knight of Gold, the D2 does not have a built in Buster Rock. The addition of a built-in Buster created too many anomalies within the original and was thus left out of the design of the second, creating a more stable mortar headd.

The Patraqushie Mirage is destroyed in battle by the Junchoon in JC 4100. In that climactic battle Upandla Raymu piloted the Patraqushie Mirage with Atropos as fatima copilot. The Junchoon was piloted by Colus XXVI with Clotho as fatima copilot. This monumental conflict ended the legacy of the most powerful mortar headd in the galaxy, the Knight of Gold (or, at least, that’s what most people in the Joker Galaxy believed...).

Knight of Gold 2
Knight of Gold AT, Knight of Gold 2, Patraqushie Mirage, Knight of Titin D2 (formal name)
Mirage D2
Amaterasu no Mikado
AKD (Amaterasu Imperial Family flag MH)
unknown (15 meters?)
unknown (144 tons?)
unknown but probably around 3.0 trillion horsepower based on the original Mirage D
Typical compliment of mortar headd weaponry. Though it carries no veil, it has a blade catcher on each arm.


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the mortar headd profile.