Terror Mirage

Terror Mirage

The Terror Mirage is another specialized mortar headd from the Mirage fleet. The Terror is designed with covert operations in mind. Information on this super-secret machine is scarce, but chances are good that it possesses extensive ECM equipment and is likely invisible to radar or similar sensors by way of a stealthy design, similar to the F117 or B-2 from our own world. This is evidenced by the fact that Aisha Codante was able to completely sneak up on a mercenary team as experienced as the Pied Pipers and attack them by surprise. Because of its stealth abilities, the Terror Mirage is perfect for recon use.

The Terror Mirage is owned by the Amaterasu royal family rather than the nation of the AKD. As a result its deployment can only be authorized by Amaterasu, Lachesis or Ikaruga. There are only two Terror Mirages. The Orange Right Terror is piloted by Allen Braford.

The Terror Mirage first debuted during the Emperor Rescue Mission where Aisha used it to defeat Ian Konig in his Vaiola. Upon their first meeting, the Terror Mirage winked at Allen Braford, which is possibly the motivation for Braford being assigned as its pilot.

Terror Mirage
Mirage G
Amaterasu no Mikado
AKD (Mirage Knights)
13.5 meters
120 tons
unknown, but probably close to 2 trillion horsepower or more
Aside from the typical compliment of mortar headd weaponry, the Terror Mirage carries two Val Balahs which are mortar headd-sized boomerangs. They can also be used as melee weapons. Like the Cross Mirage, the Terror carries a set of "Beyond Seekers" for recon use.


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the mortar headd profile.