Life Watching Overlords

In the myth of the Water Dragon in which the origin of the dragons is told, an ancient kingdom is beset upon by a race of demonic creatures. These demonic creatures are known as the SATAN, and they are no myth. The SATAN appears throughout the history of the Joker galaxy, attacking the populace and causing death, destruction and general chaos. Whenever these beings appear, heroes must gather to oppose them lest the galaxy be destroyed by their fervor. During the time of the Super Empire, the super humans known as the Chivalries could mount their powerful Machine Messiah to oppose these infernal beings, but during the modern era of Joker, no headdliner has the strength or stamina to stand up to the likes of the SATAN. Even mortar headds stand little chance against these enigmatic creatures, thus the defense of the galaxy falls to the dragons and those few who stand with them against the dark tide from beyond Joker.

The origins of these demonic beings is unknown. They seem to be interdimensional, having appeared in multiple universes. Their goals are a mystery, though war and strife seem to be the inevitable outcome of their campaigns. Even their hierarchy is relatively unknown, though some leaders have been recognized among them. Who ultimately leads them is a mystery, but these individuals have been identified:

Those five SATAN may be what are known as Overlords. Most likely the leaders of the SATAN, the Overlords are powerful beyond measure – possibly more powerful than even a LED Mirage. Rest assured however, that wherever these malign creatures may appear, the dragons will be there to send them back to Hell.


SATAN Commander


Special thanks to Nu Soard Graphite for the profile.