Starships of Gunbuster

Aim For The Top! featured many great starship designs. Studio Nue of Macross fame was hired to help with their design. Many of the ships in Gunbuster are named after quantum particles.

The Luxion was the first ship built for intersteller exploration. Its maiden voyage was man’s first encounter with the bug-like aliens and the Luxion was destroyed. The last image in the top row shows the wreckage of the Luxion that was discovered after the alien attack. The smaller vessels shown in the 2nd row are lifeboats for escaping the Luxion in case of emergency.

Tarzion / Tardyon
Another ship in the early days of Earth’s struggle against the aliens. From the production image, it looks like this design was originally going to be the Luxion.

When the war against the aliens gets fully underway the Exelion is Earth fleet’s flagship. The Exelion is 12km long and carries a large number of RX battle suits along with other weapons. The first 2 images show the Exelion under construction while the last 2 are the engine room and some weapon ports.

Originally built as an evacuation ship if the war went badly, the Eltrium was later refitted to be the new flagship of Earth’s fleet. It measures an impressive 70km long.

Bridge of the Eltrium
The bridge of the starship Eltrium had several production drafts. The first image has "final manuscript" stamped at the top.

Other Ships