Crossbone Gundam

Crossbone Gundam is a 6 volume manga written by Tomino Yoshiyuki and illustrated by Hasegawa Yuichi. It first came out in 1995 and finished in 1997. The story takes place in Gundam’s UC timeline 10 years after the events of the movie Gundam F91.

Seabook and Cecily discover the Jupitorians’ secret plans to conquer Earth. The heroes aim to defeat Clux Dougachi, the leader of the Jupiter Empire. They disguise themselves as pirates and take the name Crossbone Vanguard.

Here at Gears Online we’re able to bring you the mechanical designs of Crossbone Gundam. Character information and reviews of the story may be available in the future.


Special thanks to khalahaley for providing most of the mobile suit images and all the cover art.