MSA-007 Nero


A mass production mobile suit developed by Anaheim Electronics as part of the GM series. Like the original RGM-79 GM, the Nero is based on feedback from high-performance Gundam mobile suits. Its lower body is based on the design of the MSA-0011 S Gundam, and its upper body is based on that of the MSA-0012 Lambda Gundam. As a result its potential is unusually high for a mass production model, and with proper tuning the Nero can rival the performance of higher-class mobile suits.

The Nero is also highly expandable. Various binders can be connected to the movable frame of its shoulders, and propellant tanks can be attached to its legs and backpack for use in landing operations. Although its head has space for vulcan guns, these slots are normally left empty, and the latches on the sides of its head allow a vulcan pod system to be installed instead.

The Nero serves as the main mobile suit of Taskforce Alpha during the Pezun Rebellion. Taskforce Alpha initially has forty of these machines, including one Nero Trainer Type, but twenty of them are destroyed during the initial attack on Ayers City on March 13, U.C. 0088. More than forty more are dispatched with the Federation Forces Home Fleet as reinforcements, and these machines serve as the main force during Operation Eagle Fall on March 17.

Unit Type:
Mobile Suit
Overall Height:
20.2 meters
Head Height:
19.02 meters
Base Weight:
34.1 tons
Full Weight:
60.5 tons
Power Generator Output:
1,650 kW
Thruster Output:
10,200 kg x4
0.67 G
Vernier Thrusters/Apogee Motors:
Sensor Radius:
12,000 meters
Gundarium Composite
beam rifle, beam saber x2 (0.9 MW)
Chung Yung, etc


Model Photos

Prototype Nero

Special thanks to Mark Simmons for the profile.