Gundam Sentinel Timeline

UC 0088.02.24
At the asteroid base Pezun, the young officers of a Titans training corps rebel, declaring themselves the "New Desides."

UC 0088.03.23
The Federal Forces form Taskforce Alpha as the vanguard of a New Desides punitive force.

UC 0088.03.28
The occupying forces destroy Pezun with a nuclear bomb. The Aeno fleet, sent to suppress the rebels, instead defects from the Federal Forces and joins the New Desides.

UC 0088.03.29
The Aeno fleet lands at Ayers City on the dark side of the moon.

UC 0088.04.01
Taskforce Alpha's FAZZ team is annihilated in the battle over Ayers City. The New Desides occupy a mass driver base.

UC 0088.04.02
Ayers City surrenders. The New Desides escape using a mass catcher and link up with Neo Zeon's Twanning fleet.

UC 0088.04.04
The New Desides take control of the low Earth orbit relay station Penta.

UC 0088.04.05
Taskforce Alpha's mission is completed.


UC = Universal Century
Special thanks to Mark Simmons for the text on this page.