Genesis Climber Mospeada Story

Mospeada Story

In the year 2050 the Inbit arrived from a distant star and attacked Earth. Their sudden attack and superior technology quickly overwhelmed every nation on the globe. By that time humans had already began colonizing their solar system. Some humans were able to escape on shuttles to the Mars Base. When the Inbit invasion was complete the cities of Earth were decimated. Many perished and mankind’s military and industrial strength were almost completely wiped out. Those who remained did the best they could to survive in the shadow of the newly constructed Inbit hives. The Inbit ignored the off-world colonies and for thirty years the humans prepared an invasion fleet to take back the Earth. In 2080 the humans returned to Earth with their invasion fleet but were completely defeated.

In 2083 humanity tried again with a second invasion fleet. Despite their improved technology and dedication they were defeated again by the Inbit. Stick Bernard, a fighter pilot from the second invasion fleet, crash lands on Earth in southern Brazil. He resolves to make the long journey to Reflex Point, the largest Inbit hive and the main objective of the invasion fleet, and attack it with whatever comrades he can find on the way. On his journey he is joined by five people who vow to help him in his quest. As the group, lead by Stick, travels from southern Brazil to Reflex Point, located near the Great Lakes of North America, they dodge Inbit patrols, attack Inbit hives and help the people they encounter. During their journey the seven individuals learn to work as a team and resolve the disputes that arise from their different personalities. In an abandoned town the group discovers a young woman suffering from amnesia. They give her the name Aisha and take her with them.

When the group of fighters finally reach Reflex Point they find a small army of survivors from the failed invasion fleets preparing a coordinated attack. They take heart from the news that a third invasion fleet will arrive soon from the Moon with new weapons to finally drive the Inbit away. During the conflict, Aisha appears to each member of Stick’s group and beckons them to follow her. Aisha, recently discovered to be an Inbit in human form, leads the group into the heart of Reflex Point where they confront Refless, the Inbit leader. Refless doesn’t consider Stick’s small group to be a threat and allows Aisha to draw her into a discussion with the humans. Refless tells of how the humans are worthless and violent and ignores Aisha’s pleas to make peace with humanity. As the third invasion fleet begins its attack Refless orders the Inbit soldiers to eliminate them all.

The new weapons used by the humans prove more effective than Refless thought possible. As the battle continues it becomes unclear if the Inbit will win or not. The Refless, seeing the Inbit forces being beaten back, tells Aisha and the rest of Stick’s group that she sees only pointless conflict in the years ahead as the humans, filled with the evil "spirit of Shadaw", will never allow the Inbit to live in peace. She prepares the Inbit forces to leave Earth in search of a peaceful world to continue their agenda. Stick’s group is forced to make a difficult decision. As they see the third invasion fleet begin to infiltrate Reflex Point they realize that the Inbit’s departure may be prevented. If the Inbit can’t leave a terrible battle to the finish would ensue and many would die on both sides. The group decides to defend Reflex Point from the third invasion fleet so the Inbit can leave.

The Inbit gather quickly and leave in a brilliant flash of light. The humans are left to rebuild their home world. Stick and the others listen to a celebration concert given by Yellow, one of Stick’s companions, and decide what to do with their lives now that the Inbit are gone.

Mospeada was inspired by the Invasion of Normandy during World War II. Kakinuma Hideki and Aramaki Shinji wanted to tell the story of soldiers who crashed on Earth and had to fight their way to the alien stronghold. The black and white stripes you see painted on human mecha in some color images are based on the invasion stripes used by Allied aircraft during the Invasion of Normandy.