Super Dimensions Century Orguss
Orguss main characters

Super Dimensions Century Orguss aired on Japanese television from July 1983 to April 1984 and had 35 episodes. Created by Studio Nue soon after Macross, Orguss is part of the Super Dimensions trio of shows along with Super Dimensions Fortress Macross and Super Dimensions Cavalry Southern Cross. The mecha designs were created by the talented Miyatake Kazutaka who has done extensive design work on many Macross projects.

Orguss didn’t become as popular as its predecessor and has always lived in Macross’ shadow. One of the reasons for this may have been the very thing that sets Orguss apart from most mecha anime: Daring to be different. Orguss featured nonstandard mecha that deviated from the typical humanoid shape, an Earth where different dimensions are forced to combine into an unstable whole, character concepts like robots and a sentient dinosaur and an ambitious science-fiction storyline that details the struggle to restore more than a hundred worlds to their proper dimensions.

Gears Online is pleased to be able to bring you images and information from Orguss. Although we focus on the mecha, characters and storyline are covered here too. Some information in this section was gained from the Orguss Viewer’s Guide by Matthew Zell.

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