Scenes Aboard the Rogne Balt

Each of the scenes below is from aboard the Rogne Balt. Click on the links to see the images.

Flight Deck
Schells, fighter craft and transport vessels take off and land from here.

Main Bridge
The captain sits at the rear to keep an eye on the bridge crew.

Delbee's Desk
Delbee Ibus works here when on duty.

Corridor With a View
This wide corridor has an observation window and garden to help the ship's crew unwind.

Ors' Room
Ors Break's room gives us a good example of crew quarters aboard the Rogne Balt. Notice the private bath and wall-mounted monitor.

The cafeteria offers a wide range of choices. For example, crew members can choose from 30 different selections of wine.

Meal Selections
It is common for Japanese restaurants to offer "meal sets." Here we see 4 different meal choices offered on a particular day at the cafeteria.

Crew members relax at the onboard spa (complete with replica of Mt. Fuji!). Astute fans of Nagano Mamoru will notice the Grateful Dead bear in the lower right corner.