RTX-010 Huckebein Mk II

RTX-010 Huckebein Mk II

After the Vanishing Trooper incident, Mao industries scaled down their experimentation with EOT. Based on the Huckebein 009, the Huckebein Mk II features a standard Personal Trooper fission reactor instead of the black hole generator originally used for the Huckebein concept. To compensate for the relative lack of output the Huckebein Mk II features a new prototype EOT system known as the Gravicon system (Gravity Control System). This system allows the Huckebein Mk II to use weapons technology that is similar to that of the original Huckebein, all be it at a lower power rating. One notable advantage of this new system is the ability to create a G-Wall, or a gravity based distortion field capable of shielding the Huckebein Mk II from damage.

The Huckebein Mk II features a new system not before seen in a personal trooper in the form of a modular escape capsule known as the Personal Flyer. Essentially a small fighter jet, this module can dock with the Huckebein and serves as its cockpit. Unlike the Original Huckebein, the Mk II is more robustly constructed, which reduces it speed but greatly improves its durability.

The Huckebein Mk II featured a simplified version of the weapons systems used in the original Huckebein, replacing the Rouche Saber with a standard beam sword and omitting the Rip Slasher in favor of an arm mounted Chackram Shooter system based on that of the R-2. This system shoots a small beam cutting disk that is wire tethered instead of being internally guided. The Boosted rifle of the Huckebein 009 has been replaced with a beam based Photon Rifle, greatly increasing the machine’s firepower. While it cannot operate the Black Hole Cannon the Huckebein Mk II can be equipped with the G-Impact Cannon (Gravity Impact Cannon), which is a simplified version of the powerful weapon platform. Although it is of lower firepower, the G-impact Cannon can be used by the Huckebein Mk II despite its standard PT generator. Like the Black Hole Cannon, the G-impact Cannon must be delivered to the Huckebein from an external source. The head vulcans of the original Huckebein remain in place.

At least three Huckebein Mk II units were built. One unit was equipped with a T-Link system and delivered to The ATX teams own Brooklyn “Bullet” Luckfeild, while one other would be seized by the DC and ultimately find itself in the hands of ace pilot Elzam V. Branstien.

RTX-010 Huckebein Mk II
20.8 meters
52.0 tons
Brooklyn "Bullet" Luckfeild, Elzam V. Branstein
Beam Sword, Head Mounted Vulcan Machinegun Cannon, Chackram Shooter, Photon Rifle, G-Impact Cannon
SRW Attack List:

Vulcan Gun
Beam Sword
Photon Rifle
Chakram Shooter
G-Impact Cannon


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